The reason that Mifal Hapais (the Israel State Lottery) exists at all, is to raise funds from the public, through lotteries and games of chance, in order to achieve public goals and improve the quality of life for the population of Israel in the fields of education, health, community sport, art and environmental quality.

Mifal Hapais belongs to everyone: men and women, children and the elderly, the secular and the ultra-orthodox, Jews and Arabs, residents of the center and of the periphery.
Its operations, activities and organizational structure reflect the mosaic of Israeli diversity within which it operates. The Lottery is run by a Board of Directors, a Public Advisory Council and a General Assembly whose members are representatives of the public - this guarantees that the investments made by Hapais in the community will all be conducted while paying careful attention to the changing needs of the Israeli public.
Mifal Hapais is, first and foremost, an enterprise that works for people - all of the individuals who live in Israel: the babies who are examined at ‘Tipat Halav’ (Infant Welfare) clinics, the children who go to a new kindergarten in the mornings, students who study in large and well-lit classrooms, the elderly who spend time in Senior Citizen Centers, students in computer courses, girls in ballet classes and boys learning judo. People benefiting from the Pais are also the passengers on the regional council busses, basketball players on their neighborhood court, theater actors, artists, writers and scientists, the audience who come to see a play at the spacious Performing Arts Center and the mother pushing her toddler on the swings at the green public garden. All of these were established by Mifal Hapais.
Over sixty years Mifal Hapais has established hundreds of thousands of sites countrywide for all sectors of the population. The working assumption of Mifal Hapais is that the buildings they establish are important, but the people who use these establishments on a daily basis are even more important.
Observing the thousands of projects that Mifal Hapais has built around the country, and the people who are benefiting from them, a very colorful picture emerges of an entire society in all of its diversity. A picture of the people who live in Israel. It is to them that Mifal Hapais is dedicated.

Committed to full transparency

Mifal Hapais is a public body that holds an exclusive franchise to run lotteries and games of chance in Israel. Distribution of resources to the public through the local authorities is based on objective and professional criteria, and  is subject to ongoing monitoring and control to ensure maximal fairness, professionalism and transparency.
It is the objective of Mifal Hapais to maintain full transparency in all of its activities: starting from fiscal allocations, the manner in which the lottery is run, the means by which the product is marketed, through to the operation of the technological systems and the statistical methods.
With the goal in mind of upholding this transparency it was determined that the Public Advisory Council of Mifal Hapais will act as Advisors to the Board of Directors. Mifal Hapais is a body that is audited on a routine basis by an internal Auditor, the Control Committee of the Board of Directors, and an external Auditor.
Moreover, Mifal Hapais is subject to inspection by the State Comptroller. Mifal Hapais is meticulous about issuing tenders, and transmits its Balance Statements to the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) Finance Committee for inspection. In addition they conduct the lottery publicly, under the supervision of an external committee which is headed by an external Attorney, and is composed of public representatives as well as a representative from the Auditor’s office.

Establishing the "Guide"

This is a manual used to formulate professional, objective and transparent criteria for allocation of funds. Mifal Hapais allocates funds for the welfare of the community through local authorities, according to objective criteria and standards that take into account the size of the location, its distance from the center of the country, and so forth. The method of allocation that has been developed in the "Guide" attaches relatively great importance to the socio-economic condition of the settlement and, as a result, many communities located in the periphery are beneficiaries of development budgets.

Guide for the allocation of public funds


The "Guide" in the field of financial allocations to local authorities is a manual in which objective criteria and standards for the allocation of funds are consolidated, in accordance with the criteria approved by the Public Council, headed by Chief Justice (Ret.) Meir Shamgar.
The "Guide" is designed to be an effective tool to be used by the heads of the local authorities who are also interested in having full transparency; this tool provides them with prior knowledge, at the start of each year, regarding the budgetary provisions that Pais will be making available to them They will then be able to plan both their short- and their long-term activities accordingly.

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