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The Sapir Fund

The Sapir Fund was established in 1976 in memory of the Minister of Finance, Pinchas Sapir, with the aim of promoting the quality of life in Israel in the spheres of Health, Culture and the Arts.

Pinchas Sapir (1907 - 1975) was one of the planners of the Israeli economy, and a central figure in industry during the first three decades after the establishment of the State of Israel. He recruited private and public capital for investments, instigated the establishment of manufacturing facilities in development areas, and worked hard to expand the educational system and welfare services. During his term as the Minister of Commerce and Industry, and as the Minister of Finance, he left his personal stamp on the development of the economy in Israel.

Mifal Hapais Sapir Prize for Literature

In 2000 Mifal Hapais created the “Sapir Prize for Literature” with the aim of encouraging excellence in the field of literature, and to promote the culture of reading in Israel. The Mifal Hapais Prize for Literature in memory of Pinchas Sapir is the most prestigious and coveted award in the field of literature in Israel, and is similar in its formulation to the British ‘Booker Prize’. 
The Sapir Prize for Literature was founded by Mifal Hapais in 2000, with the aim of promoting Hebrew literature and advancing the culture of reading in Israel.
The Sapir Prize - bestowed each year by a panel of judges for the best literary work of the year, and the best new work during that year.
Over the years the Sapir Prize has become one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the field of Lliterature in Israel, and it is very similar to the British Booker Prize.
The candidates for the literary prizes - the Sapir Prize and the prize for the new best work - are submitted by the publishers.
During the first stage, the panel of seven judges chooses up to 12 titles from a “long list”. During the later stage, the panel of judges selects the ‘short list’ from amongst the ‘long list’, and this will contain five titles. One of these will then be chosen to receive the Mifal Hapais ‘Sapir Prize for Literature’.
Candidates who are included on the ‘short list’ will be awarded a monetary prize of NIS 25,000.
A prize of NIS 25,000 will be awarded to the winner of the ‘best new work’.
The winner of the Mifal Hapais ‘Sapir Prize for Literature’ will be awarded a monetary prize of NIS 150,000.  Furthermore the Fund will participate in translating the book into Arabic and into one other foreign language, to be selected by the winner.
With the aim of promoting the culture of reading, Mifal Hapais ‘Sapir Fund’ will purchase 500 copies of each of the books that made up the ‘short list’ and the ‘best new book’. The books will be given to public libraries all over Israel. 

Creating with Keshet and Mifal Hapais

Collaboration with “Keshet”, which has the franchise rights for Channel 2, created a multi-year project that deals with the establishment and operation of workshops to teach the Art art of Cinema cinema and Television television amongst young people in various peripheral locations.
The workshops are taught by professional instructors from all of the fields chosen by Keshet, and in partnership with people in each of the communitiesy.
“Creating with Keshet” is a course to study the professions of Television television and Cinema cinema for youth all over Israel. The course started operating during 2002, and since 2005 the Mifal Hapais Sapir Fund has joined in the activities.
The object of the activities is to enable young people living in the peripheral areas all around the country to have a unique experience, studying and using cinematic tools to express emotion, thought, distress or any creative idea. Students and graduates of the Cinema cinema tracks at the institutes of higher education instruct the groups.

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