Pais Foundations


Since the 1970s, every year, the "Landau Foundation for Science and Research" and the “Sapir Fund” have awarded hundreds of prizes to outstanding researchers who have achieved breakthroughs in one of the fields of Science and Research; also grants to outstanding researchers who have had a breakthrough in one of the fields of Science and Research. 

Since 2000, the "Landau Prize for the Performing Arts" has been awarded to artists who have made a significant contribution in a variety of cultural fields in Israel, and the "Sapir Prize for Literature" goes to writers whose books have been chosen as the best literary work for that year.

The Landau Fund

The Foundation was established in 1970 and is named for Dr. Michael Landau, who was the head of Mifal Hapais during its early years, and who served in this position for twenty years, during which time he determined the directions that Mifal Hapais would take, and planned it’s ‘modus operandi’.

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The Sapir Fund

The Sapir Fund was established in 1976 in memory of the Minister of Finance, Pinchas Sapir, with the aim of promoting the quality of life in Israel in the spheres of Health, Culture and the Arts.

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