Pais Hishgad

Instant tickets – branded as Hishgad (which means “good luck”) is Mifal Hapais’s leading game in terms of sales turnover. The first Hishgad launched in 1979. The Hishgad brand has monthly sales turnover of over 100 million shekels. Hishgad is the only Mifal Hapais game where winning is instant. The customer pays the retailer and is handed a tangible item, in the form of a scratch card. The customer scratches the card according to the rules and instantly knows if he won (and how much) or not Hishgad has 50 series of cards differing in content, design, type of game, first prize amount and price. Each year, some 24 new Hishgad cards are launched, in addition to the existing games.

Hishgad cards are printed abroad at a special factory and they are given a secret and sophisticated code using computerized technology in order to prevent fraud and forgeries. In effect, the level of security for printing Hishgad cards is greater than that for printing currency.

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