Pais Scholarships

Pais Scholarships for Higher Education

The project of providing scholarships for students got underway within the framework of the policy of contributing to society and the community. Starting in 2006, each year Mifal Hapais grants 1,000 full scholarships for studies to students who cannot afford to finance the tuition for a bachelors' degree. The cost of the project is NIS 30 million a year.

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Procedures for Receiving Scholarships

Mifal Hapais grants learning scholarships to students studying in institutes of higher education which are recognized by the Council for Higher Education.
The students come from a low socio-economic background (proven by data provided) and are otherwise unable to finance their studies.
The sum of the scholarship is NIS 10,000 per year (up to NIS 30,000 for three years)
As a condition for receiving the scholarship, each student must undertake a commitment to contribute 130 hours a year ( proven) for the benefit of the community.
The scholarship recipients have been categorized into three different population groups and it is in accordance with this that the conditions of admission to receive a scholarship are determined:

  • Soldiers who have been discharged from combat units and combat support units.
  • Students from the general population.
  • Students from the Arab population

It is important to emphasize that the number of applicants for scholarships is greater than the number of scholarship recipients, and for this reason the socio-economic data relating to the student constitutes the primary factor in this rating.
The Mifal Hapais CEO, Mr. Saul Sotnik, says: “For decades Mifal Hapais has established tens of thousands of classrooms and kindergartens, and the principle of donations towards education is expressed by implementing improvements in infrastructures and in creating a modern and comfortable learning environment for students. This project, of scholarships for students, is another step along this road. We have chosen to assist talented youth to attain an academic education as a method by which to build their future. There are a lot of young people who forego an academic education because of economic difficulties, and this is where we come into the picture. The project of granting thousands of scholarships to students is a project that we are proud of and it was important to us - as an entity whose raison d'être is to promote the community in Israel - that the students would be involved in giving back to the community. The community in Israel also benefits from having the ‘human capital’ within it nurtured, as well as enjoying about a million hours of volunteer work that these students give to children, the elderly, new immigrants, hospitals, and so on and so forth”.
We at Mifal Hapais believe that only by fostering education and higher education will it be possible to lessen the gaps in society and assist bright young people to succeed and to attain achievements.

Contribution to the Community

As a condition for receiving the scholarship the students undertake a commitment to contribute 130 hours a year to the community (130 Hours per year, every year, for three years of undergraduate study).

The contribution to the community will take place within the framework of the “Yedidim Association” ( ‘Friends’ Non-Profit Organization for Youth and Society ) which consolidates and operates the student volunteer network and encompasses a variety of activities in the fields of education, welfare and society.

Since 2006 until the present, the scholarship recipients have given a total of 1 million voluntary hours to the community.
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