Pais Subscribers Club

Pais Subscription
A Pais subscription is a Lucky subscription that allows only customers registered as subscribers to participate in unique weekly draws for prizes, and to exercise their right to receive benefits and discounts at cultural institutions, holiday and leisure establishments. 

Every week closed draws take place, which are only for Mifal Hapais subscribers, during which they can win tens of thousands of monetary prizes. The high sums are drawn among the subscribers according to the ‘must win’ method, so that the first prize and the second prize are guaranteed to be distributed among the subscribers (and there will always be winners for them), and these do not pass on to the next drawing.

Your Lucky Number
When joining as a subscriber to Mifal Hapais everyone is able to choose a personal lucky number composed of 6 digits. This number remains with the subscriber and allows him permanent participation in all of the Mifal Hapais subscriber's drawings.

The Prizes in the Draw
Mifal Hapais conducts 5 draws per month.
Every month 52 subscribers win monetary prizes between NIS 50,000 and NIS 1.5 million. Additionally, every month 10 subscribers win a family car. These prizes and the monthly bonus drawing are awarded according to the “must win” method,  during which 75 holidays-for-two in Barcelona are awarded.
Moreover - every month tens of thousands of subscribers win prizes of up to NIS 5,000.
How are the Draws being Conducted
The Mifal Hapais subscription draw takes place using a ball machine (which is similar to the Lotto machine).  6 numbered balls are selected, which together create the succession of a 6-digit number (for the first prize, the second prize and the bonus draw). If the succession of numbers drawn does not correlate with an active subscriber's number, the balls are returned to the machine  and the draw is conducted again, until a six-digit number that belongs to an active subscriber wins. That subscriber will win the prize.

“The Must Win” Method
The ‘must win’ method used in the Mifal Hapais subscribers draws ensures that every week there will definitely be a first prize winner, a second prize winner, and a winner for the bonus draw (which takes place at the end of the month).
The “must win” method used for Mifal Hapais subscribers draws ensures that every week there will definitely be winners for the first and second prizes, and a winner for the bonus draw, and the prizes will not be passed on to the next drawing.
On joining Pais subscription, the subscriber chooses a personal, 6-digit lucky number (or lets the computer choose for him) and this number remains his for every drawing. From the moment of joining there is no need to purchase tickets or to remember the dates of drawings. The drawing take place every week, and all of the active lucky numbers automatically participate in the draws.
The fact that the draws are conducted only among active subscribers significantly increases the odds of winning.
Thanks to the unique method of the draw, every week 52 subscribers are assured a win of financial prizes anywhere between NIS 50,000 and NIS 1.5 million (the first prize), 10 subscribers are guaranteed to win a new  car (second prize) and 75 subscribers will definitely win a 5-day holiday-for-two in Barcelona.

The Dates of the Draw
The weekly draw takes place every Thursday at Mifal Hapais House, during the morning hours, under the close supervision of auditors and public representatives. If public holidays occur on a Thursday, the draw is held on a different day. During months when there are only four Thursdays, the fifth draw is held on the Tuesday of the last week in the month. In that way, during that week, two draws take place. The monthly bonus draw, during which 75 holidays-for-two in Barcelona are drawn, takes place on the last Thursday of the month after the weekly draw.

Lottery Results No. 2012/5

From (date) 26/01/2012

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The Terms of participation in Mifal Hapais’ subscriber drawings are only those set forth in the drawing plan "Pais subscription 2008”, issued in Official Gazette No. 5788 published on 26.03.2008, including its appendixes and amendments thereto that are published from time to time.
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